We thrive to make Tertulia Coffee & Sanchez Contemporary a safe and inspiring place for the community to gather everyday while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. From artists sketching at a table by the window to a casual hangout with friends. Our customers are like family! 


"Every Saturday, we gather with our girlfriends at Tertulia coffee and catch up on life! Its so nice having a morning spot with cozy couches to make it feel like we're catching up from one of our living rooms!" - Cynthia & Ashley



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"Me encanta el nombre y lo que representa. Tertulia: Reunión habitual de personas para conversar sobre cualquier tema o pasar el tiempo". - REBECA G. 


Tertulia continues to be a go to spot for us - not just for a yummy drink - but more importantly for an amazing experience! Love this spot!!! - Debbie M. 


"I loved the holiday seasonal drink. the Rose Marzapan Latte I think it was called. You should keep it on the menu! It's the perfect example of art and coffee". - APRIL G.


“I love that Tertulia coffee is such a incredibly welcoming and warm atmosphere. Its a serene sanctuary for creatives, professionals and friends to just gather and be with the community. My go-to drink is a simple almond milk latte.” -KELLY M.


"Tertulia is my home base coffee shop. I have all of my coffee dates and meetings here—and even a few team nights for our church. I just love the community friendly atmosphere and the opportunity this shop provides for people to gather. My go to drink is a simple hot chocolate!” - BRITNI G. 


"Love the ambiance! The hot cocoa is excellent and the croissants are delicious! Plus the staff is friendly with great customer service". - REYNOLD S.


"Tertulia ~ Has proven to be a trendsetter with it warm ambience, great coffee, Pastries and cold refreshments; not to mention the beautiful art and style of a beautiful gallery..." - DON G.


The perfect blend of culture and great coffee team up to create the essence of contemporary ambiance! - DENNIS G.