What does Tertulia mean?

It's a Spanish word meaning - a gathering of confidants, who share poetic musings, discuss current affairs, share art and songs while enjoying savory treats.

Do you provide wi-fi? 

Tertulia Coffee/Sanchez Contemporary does not currently offer wi-fi to our customers. Why? Keeping true to the definition of Tertulia, as a company we feel that we always wanted a space where the whole community rich in diversity can come together and truly enjoy each other's company. To take a pause, enjoy some delicious coffee, treats and cherish some simple moments together. As many other third wave coffee shops/brands have also shared in this philosophy, we can only ask that you please respect and continue to enjoy your visit at Tertulia Coffee/Sanchez Contemporary. We can't wait to see you at the shop!

Do you offer rental/hosted events? 

Tertulia Coffee and Sanchez Contemporary invite you to use our cafe to meet with your creative collectives, book and art clubs, during our regular business hours. We now also offer our space for private events (after regular business hours). We look forward to meeting with you and discussing how we can help facilitate your private event at the shop! 

For any inquires feel free to book through our Peerspace account: [click here]